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    INGREDIENTS: Pure Cacao Beans, No Sugar Makes delicious milk shake or hot chocolate. Add 1 spoon Drinking Cocoa to milk. Add sugar as per taste. Drink hot or cold. Pure Cocoa, No Sugar, Keto, Vegan Christopher Cocoa is a tribute to the adventure that ‘discovered’ cacao beans which led to…

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    INGREDIENTS:¬†Pure Cacao Beans Didier And Frank Chocolate – The Best Chocolate in the World Didier & Frank Pure Cocoa Powder, Unsweetened, Special Dark, Vegan, 100g (Use for Cake, Baking, Hot Chocolate, Milkshake) Indulge in the extraordinary cocoa powder from Didier & Frank that is unsweetned, dark and crazy delicious Use…

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    About this item CALCIUM RICH: Strengthen your bones and muscles with Calcium-rich Chia Seeds HEART HEALTH: Omega Fats are the healthy fats that your body requires for reducing the cholesterol levels and protecting the heart health. DIET SNACKS: Fibre (38g per 100g) not only helps in weight management, but fibre…

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    INGREDIENTS: Whole quinoa True Elements Quinoa is whole grain certified, 100% natural and unprocessed, which means white quinoa provides all the necessary required amount of nutrients and doesn’t compromise with your health. They are really good for skin, hair and overall health. The gluten-free property of wholegrain quinoa makes it…

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    Allergen: Soy

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    Tested & Certified Gluten Free & Wheat Free Allergens: Soy Method of Use – hot water to make soft dough and let it rest for 10 minutes in room temperature before rolling tasty chapatis and Indian breads. Ingredients -Split Moong Bean, Brown Rice, Soyabean, Sago, Sorghum, Rice Storage Instructions: Store…

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    Allergen: Almond, Gluten, Soy

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    Allergen: Almond, Gluten, Soy

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    True Elements Instant Oats are naturally gluten-free and 100% whole grain. These are slightly more processed and thinner than Rolled or Steel Cut Oats, making them super quick and easy to cook. They are a powerhouse of Dietary Fibre which makes you feel fuller for a longer period of time,…