Chocolate Wheat Flakes

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Allergen: Gluten, Soy

Stay Healthy
Weight Loss
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  • IMPROVES DIGESTION: As the flakes are made of wheat, they are rich in dietary fibre. Which eventually helps to improve the digestion.
  • PURE DARK CHOCOLATE: Our chocolate wheat flakeas does not contain sugar-loaded chocolate powder but is made from 100% dark chocolate with Zero Fat which is extracted in it’s natural form to give you a rich taste of dark chocolate.
  • SWEETENED WITH HONEY: The chocolate flakes are sweetened with raw honey, which is much nutritious than sugar. Also honey has anti-inflammatory properties which makes it a healthier option than refined sugar.
  • BREAKFAST CEREAL: Our wheat flakes can be best consumed in the morning as a breakfast cereal to help you kickstart your day. Having a healthy breakfast in the morning, helps you to stay energized throughout the day.
  • IMPROVES MOOD: Chocolates have cocoa which increases serotonin levels, which helps to improve the mood and is good for a stressful day.


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