Colombian Brew Creamy Caramel Instant Coffee Powder, No Sugar Vegan, 50gm

NPR 420.00

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  • INGREDIENTS: Instant Coffee, Flavourings. No Chicory. Vegan. (No sugar, No preservatives, No milk powder)
  • This is soluble instant coffee. 1 spoon makes 1 cup of 125ml coffee. Drink hot or cold in milk or water. Add sugar as per taste. (This coffee has no sugar, no milk powder, no preservatives)
  • Fine Texture, No Chicory, No Sugar, Keto
  • Colombian Brew Coffee is inspired by Franceso Romero, a 16th century Colombian Priest that started Colombia’s coffee revolution. Our coffee is sourced from the best coffee plantations in the world.
  • Box and Pouch Packaging available. Packaging options might vary as per the availability.


Colombian Brew Coffee