Didier & Frank Wicked 85% Vegan Dark Chocolate, 50g


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Ingredients: Cocoa Beans, Cocoa Butter, Natural Sugar, Emulsifiers, Flavourings. Vegan.

  • Didier And Frank Chocolate – The Best Chocolate in the World
  • Didier & Frank Wicked 85% Dark Chocolate, 50g
  • The perfect wicked bitterness of cacao beans will keep your senses entangled and amazed.
  • Keto. Vegan. 100% Natural. Pure & Artisan Cacao. Keep below 20 degrees celcius. Indulge whenever you want. Chocolate may be white discoloration due to temperature change. It does not affect taste.
  • Chocolate was invented in 1900 BC by the Aztecs in Central America. We at Didier & Frank bring you those exotic flavours and hand crafted chocolates that the Aztecs enjoyed secretly.


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