True Elements G.F Masala Rolled Oats


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Allergen: Soy

Gluten Free
Sugar Free
Weight Loss

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 INGREDIENTS: Rolled Oats, Soybean oil, Spices and Condiments (Salt, Turmeric, Cumin, Asafoetida), Vegetables (Onion flakes, Green chillies, Curry leaves), Groundnut, Jaggery, Natural Soy lecithin

We all love a good hot steaming plate of Kanda Poha for our breakfast, don’t we? What if it was guilt-free too?

Add a “masaledaar” twist to your breakfast with the best of flavours and health with True Elements Masala Rolled Oats that gives you the taste of Kanda Poha and the goodness of Oats.

Packed with abundant dietary fiber and plant-protein, a steaming bowl of Masala Oats will give you the much needed energy to kickstart your day. We give you no excuses to skip breakfast, all you need is water to make this quick and easy poha, its that simple.


True Elements