True Elements Wheat Flakes With Honey & Almonds 750gm – 3X More Fibre than Corn Flakes | No Added Sugar | 100% Wholegrain Cereal

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Gluten Free
Sugar Free
Stay Healthy
Weight Loss
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  • INGREDIENTS: ‎Whole Wheat Flakes (75%), Raw Honey (20%), Almonds (5%), Natural Soy Lecithin.
  • FIBRE RICH: Our wheat flakes have 4x more fibre than regular corn flakes.
  • 10g PROTEIN: In order to give a muscular kick-start to your dull mornings and energise your entire day, our wheat flakes are packed with 10g of plant-protein.
  • HEART HEALTH: Wheat Flakes consists of ALA (Alpha Linoleic Acids), which can help in preventing cholesterol from getting deposited in the arteries.
  • HEALTHY BREAKFAST: Not only Protein & Fibre, wheat flakes are also considered to be packed with antioxidants, thus beneficial for the heart health.
  • ZERO ADDED SUGAR: A boon for the ones who are on a completely “No Sugar” diet as our flakes are not only just devoid of preservatives, but also doesn’t even contain a tiny sugar particle in it. Wheat Flakes are sweetened with Raw Honey for your sugar cravings.


True Elements